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Internet Computer Updates: InfinitySwap CDK, BTC<>ICP, OpenChat Enhancements

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A digest of the latest developments within the Internet Computer ecosystem and ICP community.

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ICP Ecosystem



  • We’ve seen a lot of high-priced BTC Flower sales this past week, with the highest, #1771, selling for 765. Also, Poked Bot #461 sold for 420.69.
  • Eimolad is awarded a 20k grant from Dfinity.
  • Moonwalkers announce more partners for integration into their gaming world; IC PuppiesIC Kitties, Internet Humans, Boxy Dude, IC Kuzo, ICPCS.
  • ICPxy explains their very interesting staking idea to treat NRI as a bell curve.
  • IKUZO shares the roadmap for IKUZO.io marketplace.
  • Early Dog Trophies are now listed on Entrepot with a current floor price of 50.
  • IC Dream WhalesSaChanThe EmpressThe EmperorThe Hierophant and ICode DAO are on the Entrepot marketplace.
  • ICPBunny Tweets a teaser for Bunny 2.0 1:1 airdrop.
  • Get to know @BHYPEMUSIC of Canistore in the @DECENTRAFIVE podcast.

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