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Since the early days of development in 2020, Game-fi has continuously had for itself projects that are of great public interest and well-received by the profits it brings. But when viewed objectively, Game-fi in recent times, especially in the time of “crypto winter”, in turn, large and small projects can not stand and have gradually saturated between other traditional game projects in this 5.0 transition era.

It cannot be denied that games have become an indispensable part to serve people’s entertainment needs, the game market is currently booming with many different game genres (strategy, action, role-playing, shooting, etc.). guns, moba…). However, some game genres with very high difficulty are only suitable for a part of players, while most users want a game with simple gameplay, easy to get used to, and can be played at any time. anywhere, anytime, with anyone while remaining tactical, competitive and especially financially profitable. And in the very downtrend period, a time when industry insiders still joke with the phrase “crypto winter”, there was a project that rose very strongly from the very first days of its launch, called HERO SNAKE .

Snakes are the most basic game genre that every player can access extremely easily and quickly. Originated in the 1980s on coin game consoles, then black and white phones. With such a precursor, HERO SNAKE has been transformed into not only a basic game play like snakes of prey, but has really become an extremely interesting, familiar, and special game-fi. Real profit for players.


HEROBOOK has come up with a very unique Game-fi that is directly at the heart of simple entertainment, and comes with the ability to earn money indefinitely with E-NFT, aka E-NFT. The game’s “stakes NFT”, which you won’t find anywhere else, where you become a stakeholder very easily, and deliver explosive returns, it’s proven. It is extremely clear that the interest of users for E-NFT is not small, typically when the sale at Loyalty Round sold out immediately 500 E-NFTs in just 30 minutes, and most recently in a round. PRIVATE SALE in just 15 minutes with 500 E-NFT. 

Thanks to the strong support of Herobook’s vast ecosystem, HERO SNAKE already has an extremely strong community, operating continuously, bringing explosive values, so this project has been approved. great support from the community. Not only that, these are the features that have attracted users:

  • Exciting NFT Arcade: A Game-fi model that delivers economy between simple yet unique gameplay with incredibly innovative graphics.
  • The huge bonus is completely easy to obtain thanks to the way players take advantage of their skills and tactics without any interference because of the transparency of blockchain technology applied to the game.
  • The element of relaxation is a priority at HERO SNAKE, but that does not mean that the reward is less, on the contrary, the opportunity to double the account very quickly is what the HERO SNAKE team focuses on in parallel with providing user experience while playing the game.


E-NFT is optimized based on blockchain technology, helping to bring an extremely flexible multi-chain mechanism, ensuring extremely high transparency.

E-NFT offers a lot more utility than we can see until now. It plays a role not only to support the development of future NFT projects in the Herobook ecosystem, but also to help users bring in optimal profits, quickly, ensuring both quantity and quality. volume in the context of volatility and especially this crypto winter, a time when dozens of projects out there can’t stand, E-NFT and HERO SNAKE have been, are and will be an extremely explosive comeback. explode at this point.


The HERO SNAKE team meticulously researched and planned to turn the idea of ​​creating stakes for users into an E-NFT, proving the growing importance of NFT in the Game-fi market. And HERO SNAKE has been at the forefront of the trend of creating E-NFT, setting up a comprehensive entertainment game with extremely easy gameplay mechanics, but the profit brought is not small because E-NFT will be able to Contributing to owners the following benefits:

  • Profit sharing: Initially, all profits will be shared with NFT (E.NFT) stockholders, until full payback. Then the benefits will be divided 5-5 between the issuer and the owner.
  • Project Management: Owners of NFT will have the right to vote on changes and updates in the Hero Snake game.
  • Gameplay: The special NFT in the game will be the Golden Snake, the player who owns them will prove his class to new players, as the owners of the Golden Snake can be considered the owner of the game itself.

First E-NFT Sale – Loyalty Round sold out 500 E-NFTs in less than 30 minutes when the new game hit the market earlier this month. And the most special thing is in the second round – PRIVATE SALE sold out 500 E-NFT within 15 minutes. You won’t find this in any other project, up to now only HERO SNAKE’s E-NFT can do this, because E-NFT is the first equity NFT to be launched, and the project did a great job of leading the trend.

The E-NFT was launched with a limited quantity of 2000, and HERO SNAKE has sold 1000 E-NFTs with great success. This means that there are only 1000 E-NFT left for those who have not yet owned it. The only remaining 1000 E – NFT will be available for sale in the Pre-sale on January 9, 2022. This is the last chance to own E – NFT, because with SOLD OUT speed with only 30 and 15 minutes in 2 rounds of Loyalty Round and Private Sale, if you don’t act quickly you will miss the opportunity to own shares of E-NFT. 1 game with prediction and roadmap to become one of the explosive game play in the future.

With these potentials, Herobook’s HERO SNAKE will definitely be one of the names that rise strongly in this crypto winter. With a creative team and ability to understand the market along with other projects in the Herobook ecosystem, HERO SNAKE is definitely a good move in investment and profit development for both users and investors. private.

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