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How To Find Potential Projects For Your Investment In The Bearish Market 

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The Crypto market entered the “winter” phase that creates fear among investors when deciding to invest in blockchain projects. Despite fundraising being far more difficult than before, the Blockchain world still witnessed the launch of many projects in many fields from Defi to Gamefi, with great potential to thrive in the future. So what are the characteristics of a highly profitable project for your investments, let’s find out with Hero Snake in the blog article below.

The Project Utilizes A Breakthrough Technology

In the Fintech industry and the blockchain space, the use of breakthrough technologies that bring practical value to users is always a decisive factor in the development of a project.

The “breakthrough” factor is that the project needs to offer a new approach compared to the technologies that have appeared on the market. The project can create a completely new solution or come up with ways to mitigate the limitations of the existing technologies to solve an urgent problem for users. In addition, the technology used must be quickly applied to practice to catch up with the rapid development of the financial market and the blockchain field.

A typical example of a breakthrough new technology is the NFT Equity (E – NFT) introduced by Atomic Studio. This type of NFT is a special combination of 3 models: company shares, DAO, and NFT bringing owners four special values:

  • Own value: Owners of E-NFT will have the right to vote for important decisions for the project that E-NFT represents;
  • Profit value: Owners of E-NFT will be shared profits with the project during operation;
  • Exchange value: E-NFT can be exchanged between electronic wallets and traded on the exchange easily;
  • Usage value: In addition to representing the shares that the owner holds, E – NFT can be collected and used in the project.

After being introduced, E – NFT was quickly applied to Hero Snake – a game with simple but attractive gameplay that is suitable for all ages. Applying this new technology, Hero Snake will have the potential to develop, attracting a large number of users shortly.

The Project Is A Part Of A Large Ecosystem

A project developed based on a strong ecosystem will have many great advantages such as

  • Inheriting prestige and technological advances of the ecosystem
  • Sharing the token of the ecosystem with many applications, ensuring liquidity and high stability
  • There is a close relationship with other projects in the same ecosystem
  • Supported by a strong user community

We can see that being a component of the immense Herobook ecosystem allows Hero Snake to have all of the above advantages. With the mission of becoming an ecosystem that connects blockchain projects with traditional capital and vice versa, Herobook will become a launchpad for not only Hero Snake but also many potential blockchain projects in different areas.

The Project Promotes Community Activities And Marketing

Community and marketing activities need to be organized regularly to help the project access and attract users. This is also a factor that investors can use to assess the potential level of a project.

A developed project will focus on building a strong community right from the first stages. In addition, the development team will always listen and respond to the community’s suggestions quickly, thereby constantly improving products to meet the needs of users.

Having understood the importance of community, right from the beginning, the development team of Hero Snake has continuously organized and participated in many major events such as Techfest 2022, the series of minigames to welcome Alpha Test. Thereby, players have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts and the game can spread its good values ​​to the community as well as receive many valuable comments.

The Project Has Successful Sale Rounds Of Token/NFT

The success in fundraising and NFT sales proves the attraction of the project to the Crypto community and is shown in the ability to sell all tokens/NFT in a short time.

With Hero Snake, both the Seed and Private opened rounds of E – NFT is more successful than expected with impressive numbers. All 500 E – NFTs have been sold out in just the first 30 minutes of the Seed Round. With Private Round, the Sold Out time of 500 E – NFT is shortened to only 15 minutes. The Pre -Sale round on January 9, 2022, will be the last chance for investors to own E – NFT and promise to continue to achieve impressive success. Some basic information about the Pre-Sale ring:

  • Time: January 9, 2023 – January 22, 2023
  • Quantity: 1000 E – NFTs
  • Price $1000/E – NFT
  • Payment currency: HBG/BNB

Above are the characteristics needed in a potential project with high profitability for investments, illustrated by a notable example of Hero Snake. In addition to analyzing based on documents and specifications, investors should experience projects to get the most intensive feelings and evaluation.

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