At the beginning of June, KoiFish started launching activities to prove the information that it will launch its own Mainnet in the third quarter of 2021. Worldwide Defi Games LTD continuously signed contracts to rent X11 mining equipment systems as well as actively looking for partners in technology and market development in many regions around the world, … Before this information, the international crypto community in general and the gaming community in particular had enthusiastic comments on forum platforms. In general, everyone is curious and waiting to see how the first Mainnet of the gaming community will change the market situation.

What is Koichain Mainnet?

In December 2020, Worldwide Defi Games LTD was established in the UK and launched the market with the impressive KoiFish game. KoiFish is a decentralized game series that quickly attracted the attention of the market, especially gamers thanks to the application of POP (Proof of Play) protocol with a unique way of operating FIT Token.

FIT Operation Procedures

As the only coin used in the KoiFish ecosystem up to now, FIT Token quickly increased its value as soon as it was launched. After the successful ICO event of 2,000,000 Tokens and experts immediately made an assessment about this token.

“The current value of FIT Token cannot be compared with famous cryptocurrencies in the world such as Bitcoin, ETH…, However, FIT Token will definitely bring a different aspect to investors in the crypto market this year thanks to its incredible value growth potential.” – An expert gives his assessment on the Bitcointalk forum platform.

FIT Token – Cryptocurrency of the Defi Games Platform

However, FIT Token is not a “The Ace of all Aces” in WDG’s market domination. The growth of the FIT Token is the beginning of the WDG coin entering the market.

According to the latest information, Koichain is the mainnet of WDG coin with a reserve of 2.1 billion coins. Koichain Mainnet is understood as a complete version of WDG’s own Blockchain and this coin does not depend on the Blockchain of any other coin such as Bitcoin, Ethereum.,… Koichain will connect wallet software together and use them for common transactions in KoiFish’s ecosystems.

The appearance of Koichain Mainnet will allow any individual or organization to issue a new token based on this private Blockchain. Like other Mainnets, KoiChain can be changed whenever the project development team or crypto community decides to update or edit.

Koichain is the first Mainnet of the gaming community.

In recent years, coins with strong technology have all launched their own Mainnets to no longer depend on the Blockchain of Bitcoin and ETH and create an independent  at the same time. However, the mainnets created are mostly focused on purposes such as support for e-commerce (CyberMiles), entertainment (Tron), Supply Chain Management (Origin Trail) and people ignore the potential game market.

Understanding this and with the strength of decentralized game technology and POP protocol, WDG quickly came up with a plan and implemented it to launch Koichain Mainnet.

FIT Token

If it is determined to launch in the third quarter of this year, it is currently in the process of completing the Testnet and Koichain will become the first Mainet of the decentralized gaming community.

How will Koichain Mainnet change the market situation?

Bring a high value coin

A project that owns the Mainnet, its own blockchain is always more reputable and reliable than a project that is still running on the foundation of another blockchain. Therefore, the first and most obvious thing is that Koichain Mainnet will bring to the market a high value WDG coin.

Besides, when Koichain Mainnet officially goes into operation, it will be a real protocol. All transactions are active and users will use WDG to transact with each other. Along with the application of the POS (proof of Stake) protocol, the community can increase WDG by Stake generating profits through the consensus mechanism.

Creating opportunities for the development of decentralized games

One of the purposes of the Koichain Mainnet when it appeared was to reduce the operating costs of the community and specialize in decentralized games, applications on the Blockchain platform. Getting out of the standards of Ethereum and Bitcoin, individuals and organizations wishing to develop on the platform of Koichain can create new doors, explode the network, and commercialize it more easily than ever. Since then, contributing to the decentralized game market will grow stronger.

In addition, experts believe that the expansion of the game ecosystem in KoiFish will become easier with Koichain. From there, the opportunity to earn money from the game will increase many times and even, players can become one of the links in the KoiFish game system in particular and more generally the future ecosystem of WDG.

The mainnet launch event of a project can be said to be one of the major turning points in the development roadmap of itself and the community. Will WDG successfully bring Koichain and WDG into the market to bring about positive changes?

WDG is still working hard to make the answer “yes” by attracting all potential partners in technology and market management. Not only a strategic cooperation in the turning point of the project, this is one of the characteristics of a POP game, the sharing and spreading of benefits for the common development of the community.

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