On December 23, 2021, a representative of IC Trade shared about the plan to expand the IC Trade market to Europe this year, directly compete, and dominate the market share of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency market after the wave of the pandemic

The European Union is considered the origin of the Euro empire for a long time. However, it is only in the last few years that cryptocurrencies have begun to penetrate this market and are entering the political and economic mainstream, especially after the COVID pandemic storm just swept through.

An average of 11% of Europeans says they have used cryptocurrencies to pay for goods or services, with rates ranging from 7% in the Netherlands to 15% in Poland. These rates are likely to increase further across the EU in the coming months. With usage likely to increase as an understanding of cryptocurrencies gradually improves. This prospect makes the question of who should regulate them, and how, all the more controversial.

In essence, countries in the European Union have begun to pay attention to the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies and realize that this is the inevitable transformational technology foundation today. And these countries have also taken serious steps towards applying Blockchain technology in their lives.

To lay the foundation for the future of a globalized market, IC TRADE decided to “take a shortcut” as soon as Europe showed signs of recovery and opened up to cryptocurrencies. This is considered a bold decision in the context that the economic market of Europe is still recovering very cautiously. Besides, there are also many mixed opinions about the fact that IC TRADE has been very successful in the Americas and Asia – considered the most difficult markets, but with a sustainable empire like the European Union. is the gate to the peak of glory opening?

IC TRADE and the ambition to become a “unicorn” in the trading industry

Cryptocurrency exchange IC TRADE established in 2007, based in Australia, has achieved its “unicorn” status in the demanding Americas market and then Asia.

A spokesperson for IC TRADE said: “International expansion and growth is a top priority, in order to strengthen IC TRADE’s position in international markets. We’ve already made great strides in the US and Asia, and there’s no reason to wait any longer about entering Europe. The first will be regions such as Spain, France, Italy and Poland, … then gradually open up to the whole continent. The European market is ideal and this is the best time.”

“We will bring a great solution to help Europeans quickly regain their balance after the pandemic thanks to a simple and accessible investment approach like IC TRADE has conquered Asia and America. Moreover, contributing to the recovery of Europe’s economy, which is still facing many difficulties today.” – He also shared more.

IC Trade’s strategic partner also emphasized that this development of IC TRADE is feasible. Specifically, in recent IC Trade market reports, it was shown that the exchange grew by 1.2 million users in the first half of this year, impressive net revenue growth and absolutely no sign of the effects of the pandemic. Even this is an amazing growth thanks to the fact that people have started to understand the trend of sustainable investment and financial freedom more than in previous years.

Not only that, thanks to a completely different development strategy: “Focusing on quality and local assimilation”, IC Trade always strives to increase the experience of each user and assimilate according to each need, the usage habits of each country are different to compete with the “big bosses”. This has helped IC Trade quickly create a sustainable foothold and become the top brand of a product, which is difficult to build trust with customers – the investment exchange

IC Trade also continuously improves products and updates security features to ensure maximum safety of user assets. In addition, it is necessary to prepare relevant legal documents, conduct in-depth research, and survey the market long before making a decision to proceed. Everything is ready and waiting for an official attack to start the upcoming fierce race.

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