What is Animal Coin?

A Coin is a distributed digital currency, used to exchange and conduct transactions directly on devices with an internet connection, without having to go through any intermediary organizations and no one to manage.

Today, animals are gradually introduced to make symbols for cryptocurrencies such as Iron Pig Hero, dogecoin, White Dragon Coin, Shiba,….These cryptocurrencies were born with many purposes. Different purposes help cryptocurrencies become increasingly hot and reach the hands of owners. This type of Coin has been gradually gaining the trust of investors.

Why is it so hot lately?

Like dogecoin, in just a few days, digital currency movements can help investors x5 x10 in their accounts. That is thanks to the influence of famous, influential people around the world.

The most recent boom is the meme coin movement with a typical representative Dogecoin. Since the beginning of April 2021, the price of this virtual currency has increased 10 times. The main contributor to the success of Dogecoin is Elon Musk – the second richest billionaire in the world. The way this billionaire “inflates” the price for Dogecoin is done through the purposeful tweets he shared on social networks.

Following the craze of Dogecoin, a series of other meme coin projects were born such as Iron Pig Hero, Shiba Inu, Doge Lon Mars, Pig Finance, Akita Inu, Husky,… The common point of these projects is that they are the same. named after popular pet animals.

Among the clone versions of Dogecoin, the most prominent one today is Iron Pig Hero. This coin especially attracts attention because it follows the trend of the virtual currency meme craze and has just been listed on the world’s largest virtual currency exchange – Binance. And combined with fundraising to support developing countries will help attract more investors.

Symbol of Iron Pig Hero Cryptocurrency

Why choose Iron Pig Hero?

Firstly, we know that the Covid-19 pandemic is evolving very complicatedly with new variants developing faster and faster and has almost spread all over the world. This incident has caused a lot of consequences and difficulties leading to damage to people and economies of countries.

Up to now, the number of cases in the world has reached 164 million, of which more than 3.4 million have died. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of the affected community and contribute to protecting the world, the Iron Pig Hero (IPH) cryptocurrency was born. Iron Pig Hero appears as a charity fund with the goal of benefiting the Earth and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic.

With developments like the above, the introduction of an IPH cryptocurrency will increase the ability to attract investment from buyers around the world. Iron Pig Hero teams absolutely believe in adding long-term value to owners and making digital money can help investors x5 x10 even x1000 of their accounts. as well as having a positive impact on today’s pandemic.

Development roadmap of IPH:

Phase 1: Create smart contracts and special designs of token comics. This is the hinge to prepare the IPH token announcement event for users around the world. Started cooperation with various non-profit organizations and fixed the launch date and sale time of IPH.

Phase 2: IPH will be registered on exchanges like CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and some other providers. We will build into a development community, with great influence on users. From here, it is possible to accelerate the signing of contracts with famous people who have great influence in the world. This is an important stage to promote IPH to develop more.

Phase 3: One of IPH’s next roadmaps is to launch more new ecosystems to optimize the interface allowing IPH tokens to become commonly used currencies in the world. Combined with the charity fundraising against the Covid-19 pandemic and the social media campaign, the influence of the cryptocurrency will grow.

Making cryptocurrency increasingly hot plus fundraising for charity will target investors around the world. That’s just advice for you to choose. Be smart, discerning investors.