On the market today, it is not difficult to find information about coins – cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOGE… . Besides, White Dragon coin is also one of the potential coins in the future. So, what about the White Dragon coin makes it as hot as the coins that have been released before.

What is Coin White Dragon?

WDG coin is issued by White Dragon to raise funds to protect artworks, especially about dragons

The total supply is 990,000,000,000 tokens.

  • Reserve distribution:
    • 60% listing on PancakeSwap and lock liquidity
    • 20% Presale
    • 15% for the Development Team (Dev)
    • 3% Airdrop
    • 2% for trade and media partners
The Development of the White Dragon

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin (doge) is a cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency built and developed on the basis of Litecoin. Doge was inspired quite nicely, from the famous meme “Doge” on social networks at that time. This is what makes an impression on users

What makes this coin special is its “community” message. The dogecoin community has come together to do many good things like the Dogecoin Socks project for the homeless…

Advantages of the White Dragon coin

Mission to protect works of art

Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed

Large user community

Supported on major and reputable Defi exchanges

Passive farming, 3% of the transactions are distributed to the holders

Optimizing community profits

Completely decentralized

Own NFT through WDG token

Locked in long-term liquidity

Potential to increase price over time thanks to scarcity

The difference between the WDG coin and DOGE.

Both were created with the important mission of helping the community, but these two coins have many different points. That also creates a unique character for WDG.


Originated from the awareness of the importance of protecting dragons and protecting works of art

Expected to be released in June 2021

Invest time in research, serious development team (apply smart contract and BEP-20)

Total supply is limited

Is the currency to be paid on the NFT system


Originally from a famous meme on facebook

One of the first coins, launched in 2013

It can be said that this is a coin “made for fun” because it only takes about 3 hours to generate the code

Aggregate supply is infinite

Mostly used as “tip”

Although they are all interesting coins, with many differences, they will create their own brands and names for the coins.


Although a coin launched later than other coins, White Dragon has great potential for growth, having the same opportunity as other cryptocurrencies not only thanks to its high mission, but also thanks to its strong commitment. Serious, professional and invested by the development team.

The above article is analyzed and evaluated according to my objective, not intended to slander or demean anything, nor affirm that WDG is worth investing in. That’s just advice for you to choose from.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next article!!!