SeaSwap is an exchange used to swap cryptocurrencies. Ahead of the brand new launch, SeaSwap is constantly attracting thousands of investors to participate when releasing potential cryptocurrency.

Information about the project SeaSwap

SeaSwap is considered an all-in-one exchange built on blockchain. Created to provide investors with the ability to make profits through an extremely diverse ecosystem with features such as:

  • Sea Wallet: It is an all-in-one wallet app that allows you to seamlessly store, trade, transfer and earn cryptocurrency.
  • Sea Swap Exchange: This is Sea Swap’s decentralized exchange (DEX), which ensures that traders always have enough liquidity for their trades, no matter how large the transaction size.
  • Shark Pools: Shark Pools is a stake pool where you can stake different TRX crypto tokens and earn other cryptos as profit.
  • Salmon Farms: This is the Sea Swap project’s own form of productivity farming, where users can earn Sea Swap Tokens (SSG) by staking their liquidity provider tokens.
  • Sea Swap Staking/Lending: Sea Swap Lending is the lending platform of the SeaSwap project, where users can lend different cryptocurrencies, including Sea Swap Tokens (SSG).
  • Sea Swap IFO: Sea Swap IFO stands for Sea Swap Initial Farm Offering, which means a community-driven launch pad for the launch of new crypto projects.

Investors participating in the project can earn profits through the above features. Although there are still a few features that have not been officially launched, Sea Swap still attracts the majority of investors. And the investors who own the official coins inside this project have full rights to use all the ecosystems inside it. Investors can gain SSG tokens through Private Sale or from ICO this July.

Information about SSG – the main currency of the Sea Swap project

Token Name: Sea Swap Token

Symbol: SSG

Total reserves: 1,000,000,000 tokens

Token Standard: TRC-20

Reserve allocation:

  • 13% will be distributed to private-sale participants.
  • 11% for Teams and advisors.
  • 15% for ecosystem development strategy.
  • 5% for rewards and Airdrop.
  • The remaining 56% is for ICOs.

Sea Swap’s development roadmap

Starting from April 2021, SeaSwap officially deploys SSG token to TRON platform, this is also the period to update official information about ICO sale of SSG token to CMC and COINGECKO.

This July, SeaSwap will update the SSG token ICO information on social networking sites and launch a Private Sale of 13% of the total reserve, equivalent to 130 million SSG tokens at $0.045 per token. Start implementing liquidity pool concepts and launch the SSG Airdrop program.

In August, the unsold SSG tokens in the private sale will be locked and burned. Cho launched the Staking SSG platform and launched a decentralized liquidity trading platform on Tesnet.

September started selling IDO on and IFO on JustSwap exchange. Created the first liquidity pool on and launched the official community sale with 56% of the total reserves equivalent to 560 million SSG tokens at $0.08 – $0.1 per coin.

In October 2021, Seaswap will launch IEO on and publicly implement a free SSG liquidity pool. Accept payments in BTC, ETH, BNB in ​​the group.

November 2021 launch Sea Wallet, a decentralized wallet for storing on IOS and ANDROID devices, and listing SSG on

In December, Seaswap will launch the mainnet of the decentralized liquidity exchange platform and connect SeaWallet, Metamask, and BSC to this exchange. At the same time, alternate buying and burning 20% ​​of SSG at this time. The IFO program will also be launched this month.

Seaswap will launch a cryptocurrency lending program and launch a launchpad for projects on Binance in January 2022.

In the next month, Seaswap will complete the launch of the cross-liquid DEX platform and connect the networks of ETH, BTC, BSC, ADA,… in one-stop transactions.

In the second quarter of 2022, it is expected to list SSG on the Houbi exchange, develop and finalize plans for Seaswap in 2022, and also alternately buy and burn 20% of SSG during this time. It is expected that SSG will be listed on the Binance exchange in the second quarter of 2022.

SeaSwap officially released ICO of the SSG token

Planned very early, Sea Swap is expected to launch before a Private Sale on July 18 with a reserve of up to 130 million SSG and prepare to release an ICO in August.

During this Private Sale, the value of each SSG token will be sold for $0.045. After the end of the Private Sale, users will unlock 30% of the tokens, and the number of unlocked tokens will become the first tokens to create a liquid market.

The value of the liquid market will now skyrocket with $0.08 – $0.1 per coin. Therefore, investors can fully earn a difference of 2 times the original value.

Based on the previously set roadmap, SeaSwap will probably further develop and perfect its ecosystems. By then, the value of the SSG token will increase to 5 or even 10 times the current level.

The number of issues is limited, so hurry up and join the ITO program and own this potential cryptocurrency at a cheap price right now.

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