In early 2021, TechBlock returned to the market and brought a project token called Tech Token. Since its launch, Tech Token has attracted special attention from the crypto investment community and traders around the world. In addition to the special technology, a variety of questions about the potential of Tech Token are raised. In addition, before the information about Tech Token ITO will take place this July 15, many experts and interested investors are making more and more comments about the future of this Token. Will Tech Token help TechBlock regain market leadership as it was in the past?

What are TechBlock and Tech Token?

Techblock is a global technology company specializing in the research and application of Blockchain technology. The research results from TechBlock are widely applied to practical products and services on the market and are highly appreciated for their innovative features but still retain all the properties of the most modern and trendy technology. Blockchain technology: Transparent, safe with extremely high security.

After the process of operation and dedication in the technology field, from the third quarter of 2020, the company has gathered leading Blockchain experts to research products to serve the needs of Defi, Dapp, Crypto Loans. , Game, etc. Until the beginning of this year, TechBlock officially returned to the market with the ITO Tech Token plan.

Tech Token is built by TechBlock based on the Smart Contract BEP-20 application. It is a standard of tokens running on Binance Smart Chain BSC and is many times more optimized than older Smart contracts like BEP2, ERC-20 of Ethereum, and TRC-20 of TRON. Therefore, right from its launch, it quickly surpassed existing tokens on the market and was well received from investors.

Tech Token ITO will take place in July 2021

After a secret year of researching decentralized platforms, the official Tech Token ITO calendar has been officially announced. ITO will be started on July 15, 2021, with a total amount of only 120,000,000 Tokens in 5 rounds, lasting for 1 month of this quarter.

Accordingly, each round will include 4 days of opening for sale with a fixed quantity and a fixed time of day. However, with the heat of Tech Token, the opening days are predicted to close earlier than planned. Token price will be listed and increased according to a pre-announced route: $0.036 from the first round to $0.104 in the final round in mid-August.

To ensure the stability of the market, as well as meet the needs of investors to own Tech Token, Tech Token’s ITO also comes with clear regulations for investors. From round 1 to round 3, each account can only order the corresponding amount of tokens $50-$500. However, in the last two rounds, the minimum token value purchased is $1000 and there is no limit to the number of tokens purchased. At the same time, to control the Token price and avoid bad transactions affecting the interests of participants, TechBlock only allows buyers to withdraw Tech Tokens after 5 rounds of ITO have ended.

Several experts and experienced investors have shared their views on the crypto forums about Tech Token’s ITO strategy. Most of them think that this is how TechBlock controls the value of money, protects the interests of owners, and is also a way for them to pave the way for the smooth operation of post-ITO plans.

Potential to increase the income of investors owning Tech Token through ITO

After ITO, the Tech Token price increase is certain to happen.

120 million Tokens is not a large number, if not quite small compared to the size of the cryptocurrency market today. That means that once released to the market, thanks to the law of supply and demand, the price of Tech Token will soon be pushed up quickly. Many investors who cannot own Tech Token during the ITO period will find ways to buy it, even if the price increases to more than 2.5 times the issue price in the first round. So, if you are not a holder, you can sell right now and get a profit of 250% of the original in just 1 month. However, if you want to keep the Token and go with TechBlock, there will be more opportunities for you to increase profits.

Increase unlimited income with the “Farming” mechanism

It is completely reasonable to affirm that Tech Token will bring greater profits right this quarter to those who own it. It is thanks to the Farming mechanism that was launched right after ITO. This information has been verified in the development plan published by TechBlock. When participating in the Farming mechanism, investors have the opportunity to receive interest rates up to 18%/month, equivalent to 0.6%/day with a low investment of only $400. And if investors are worried about the risk from this mechanism, then 20% of the tokens from the total Tech Token reserve, the value of the counterpart fund of TechBlock’s Farming platform, will be the factor that gives you confidence.

In addition, investors can through participating in the Farming mechanism to build an automatic income source with commissions up to more than 10%. That will be a privilege for TechBlock’s market development partners. All global investors can go through TechBlock’s Agency and Regional Representative to register and become a partner of the company. This is considered as an effective marketing and market development strategy in terms of both cost and global human resources of TechBlock. Through a large-scale recruitment process, TechBlock has both increased brand awareness and built a human network covering the market.

Tech Token’s potential for value development from the ecosystem is constantly evolving.

Unlike popular cryptocurrencies on the market today, with high income, high risk, and short investment period, TechBlock has built a growth path for Tech Token with an equally vast and endless ecosystem.

At the end of this year, Tech Token holders have the opportunity to participate in a decentralized gaming ecosystem called BetBox. In this ecosystem, participants can experience the most authentic Las Vegas Live Casino games now on the online platform.

Professional traders will also soon be able to trade Tech tokens on the new generation exchange Techex. This is one of the trading systems integrated into Tech Block’s ecosystem early next year. Here, not only Tech Token, but other valuable coins will also be traded smoothly.

There is less than a week left for ITO Tech Token to take place. Information about the potential of Tech Token is still a hot topic in crypto forums. Overall, however, the market for this token looks quite positive given its obvious profit potential. Stay tuned for more information about TechBlock and Tech Token developments at the website: to make the right investment decisions.