Virtual currency is also known by another name, cryptocurrency. Is a currency that operates on electronic algorithms. Stored on the Internet, computer systems…. With the development of Blockchain technology, more and more types of Coins are born to meet the needs of investors. In which, Animal Coin – a new type of Coin has been making the cryptocurrency market wobble with its diversity, cuteness, and development ability. It is no exaggeration to say that Coin Beast has been firmly established in the virtual currency market. Some prominent names we can talk about are: Dogecoin, Goatcoin, White Dragon Coin,…

What is Animal Coin?

Coin – is a cryptocurrency issued on a Blockchain platform with basic features such as buying, selling, exchanging, holding and receiving, ….. The coin was created to solve related problems. related to payment, security, finance, ….

Animal Coin – is a small part of Coin. Created to give investors more choices in investment and business. With a variety of choices, and a variety of pets such as: Shiba, Panda, White Dragon, Goat, …. This type of Coin has been gradually gaining the trust of investors.

Top of the most interesting Coins worth investing in.


It is indeed a big omission to lack Dogecoin in this list. This type of Coin works based on public password encryption. Each address has a public password and a private password. Only private passwords can decrypt the encrypted data associated with public passwords, so public passwords can be shared and remain secure. Absolute security is the goal that the publisher is aiming for. This has been and is being looked forward to by Coin developers in the future. Dogecoin has been receiving the trust of investors. 2020 is a difficult year, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shaken the virtual currency market, but this type of Coin has remained stable and developed spectacularly.


Is a virtual currency operating on the Binance Smart Chain platform? This is a new type of Coin that has been developing in 2021. Currently, this coin is quite interesting. With the influence of Mark Zuckerberg, this coin skyrocketed in price on electronic exchanges. Did you know that Goat in English can also be understood as: “Greatest of all time” is translated as Greatest of all time. This implicitly confirms that Goatcoin in general and the Animal Coin market, in particular, has been growing, promising to create a boom in virtual currency investors.

White Dragon Coin

White Dragon Coin, denoted as WDG is an upcoming virtual currency. WDG was created to remind people that wildlife conservation is very important. Wildlife is a valuable resource. Their existence diversifies the environment, contributing to the balance of the ecosystem. In addition to the purposes of protecting the environment, WDG also has many other advantages that investors are interested in. Typical:

– Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed

– Own NFT through WDG Token

– Has the potential to increase in price over time and due to scarcity.

– High liquidity

– Absolute security, high transparency

WDG has been gaining the trust and expectations of investors in the upcoming launch time.

WDG in the launch time


Above is all information about potential interesting Animal Coin projects that I want to share with everyone. Especially the WDG coin, with many outstanding features and advantages compared to some other digital currencies. Be a smart, discerning investor. Getting rich is not difficult, the difficulty here is whether you dare to risk investing in new things or not. Through the points I mentioned above, surely you also have the answer for yourself.