In recent years. Cryptocurrency is becoming a new trading trend for investors. The long launched coins are known by many people, have high value in the market. Besides, new launches like White Dragon are equally valuable.

Let’s find out how valuable it is through this article.

About White Dragon

White Dragon, denoted as WDG is the name of an upcoming virtual currency. In June 2021 will be launched in the market and based in the UK.

It is an NFT platform created with the mission of protecting works of art. When you own any 1 card, it is yours and cannot be regenerated or destroyed.

WDG token is a non-fungible token in the White Dragon platform.

The White Dragon’s Mission.

The dragon is a symbol of strength, luck and nobility, and is seen as a mascot in many different cultures. Accordingly, the number of people who love and find out information about “Dragon” on the Internet is increasing

However, this dragon only appears in movies.

So, to satisfy everyone’s passion and need to own, the founders launched the WDG cryptocurrency.

Inspired by ‘Light Fury’ in ‘How to train your dragon‘ White Dragon was born as a symbol of the era of dragon development

White Dragon realizes that recent artworks have not been brought to the community widely and then gradually fall into oblivion and do not receive the value that it really brings.

For this reason, the White Dragon community researches and develops a technology project with the aim of protecting and bringing artworks to the community as well as b

How to own WDG

WDG Token will be listed on reputable exchanges such as: PancakeSwap.

WDG was borned as a symbol of the passion and desire of the attendees

WDG provides trading market through NFT

Investors can directly own WDG through PancakeSwap exchange

Investors can own WDG on P2P exchanges such as itBit, Luno, Coinbase, Binance, etc. at the stage after WDG is listed.

Besides, it is possible to own WDG thanks to Airdrop or Presale. This is a good opportunity to own WDG at a cheap price before being listed on PancakeSwap at a higher price.

Why should own WDG?

Low transaction costs

Fast transaction speed

Great community

Supported on major and reputable Defi exchanges

Passive farming, 3% transaction fees are distributed to Holders

Optimizing community profits

Completely decentralized

Has potential to increase in price over time due to scarcity

Locked in long-term liquidity

Own NFT through WDG Token


Although launched later than other cryptocurrencies, with the noble mission of protecting works of art, WDG will be supported by many people. As a result, the value of the coin increases.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!!!